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Re: Murad acne complex system

I wish I had good things to say about Murad, but I don't. It sent my skin into a horrible tailspin but I continued to use the products hoping it was just an intial breakout, etc. It didn't work out that way. I could not believe the mess it made of my skin, my skin isn't even sensitive! I would encourage you to be very leary of this program, I had high hopes, but the results where devestating to my face. Proactive didn't make my skin worse, it just didn't work. And just a heads up to anyone that might have not read the "fine print" on these Murad and Proactive, they advise you to stay on any prescribed meds, etc. What a joke for Jessica Simpson to be advocating proactive. Can anyone guess why here skin is so beautiful? Let me just fill you in, she stated in an interview that she has been on Acutane and that"IT was the best thing she ever did for her skin" just be carefull and always read the fine print before spending a ton of money trying to fix your face. I have learned the hard way two many times! Sorry for the rant!