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Re: How to lose some weight?

Mel, I was watching a program on PBS last night in regards to not only life styles but weight loss. There were two doctor's from India on it. They had laid out a very reasonable way to eat. No refined white flour, no white sugar, only fresh fruits and vegatables, no butter, only the byproduct, Ghee. Plain, organic yogurt after lunch and only after lunch. Snack on peppercorns and honey. No tea (chai is okay), no coffee. They called it The Path. They said that if you could stick to this path, no falling off of the wagon, that you could cleanse your body. They also said to eat only what the body needs and no more, the optimum is what the body needs, anymore is converted to fat. Fat is bad because, although it just sits there, it depends on blood flow. That takes blood flow from the vital organs. They also said that your body only needs enough food to fuel the energy that you are going to use that day and any left over is turned to fat.

The two doctors went on to tell about all of the diseases that are not found in India but that are found here and that studies have shown that when people from India move here and adopt the American way of life, they too fall in to the world of diseases.

They were very adamant that the only thing that this path would not cure would be pain. But, if you follow this path, degeneration of the body will slow down, and some conditions can be reversed after only following the path for one month's time.

It is an easy, inexpensive path to follow and it sounds to me like it would be a great diet, as well as a way of detoxifying the body.

I am going to give it a try starting next Monday,

Remember, you are recovering from surgery. Your body does not need as much fuel. This would be the time to cut back on everything that your body does not need.

Hope that this works for you,