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Re: How to lose some weight?

I just don't know WHAT is okay for me to do-I don't want to risk messin' up anything. I appreciate all the diet help, but I have my own weight loss thing, so to speak but I can't control it right now.I use the 'ole countin' calorie thing. Usually, when I start to fill out, I just do vigorous aerobics with some weight training and I can lose five in a week-I just can't do normal workouts and I am walking around quite a bit. I think a lot is my abdominal muscles. That scar is long enough and one side bulges more. I don't know if I can do anything for that right now. I was 155 and dropped to 125. I have pretty much been able to keep it under 140 since, and under 135 for the past year. I guess I just should call my dr and ask what he thinks I can do without causing me problems. Thanks everyone!