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Re: How to lose some weight?

thanks all. I think I just need to CARE a little more now. I was always able to control my cravings before, so no reason I can't do that now. I think I feel a little overwhelmed with it all and just don't care. I have always eaten healthy and this time is the only time I haven't. But, I really think the smoking thing is the biggest deal. I want to smoke so bad right now, and every time I think of it, I shove food in my mouth. That is it I believe. We haven't gone to the store either and with all the moving and stuff we've eaten fast food more in the past two weeks and actually since my surgery (since I couldn't cook, hubby was too tired, we'd go out or order pizza) that alone is enough. I usually cook a meat, veggie and good side and we eat healthy. So, I think once I am cooking again (gotta get to the store, we have no food right now) and I get my apples and stuff, we'll do much better and once I find out what I can do, I can cut down again and lose these five stupid pounds.