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while i do beleive in miracles i beleive they come from not earthly sources. if you think alternative therapy is going to cure your husbands c ancer and someone tries to tell you that. they are taking you for a ride. lung cancer no matter what type, is terribly agressive.your husband is young at 65 by todays standards. if he wants to fight still he should be given a chance.i understand its hard to know how to research on the internet. all you have to do is contact a big " university of" hospital. such as university of michigan , wisconsin exc. a cancer counselor will tell you many of them are trying new angiogensis drugs such as iressa which are aimed at controlling the cancer with very little effect on the patients quality of life. since your husband already tried 'standard' chemo he would qualify for that type of trial.since he is over 65 its is covered by medicare. good luck to you whatever you do. by the way there has been some sucess with drugs as iressa due to the makeup of nonsmall cell lung cancer because its a very homogenous cancer (meaning it requires a lot of blood supply to keep growing)