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My husband has just started 3rd month of Iressa. He is being treated at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The trip is hard on him (650 miles from our home), and he was extremely tired first couple of days after return this time. However, yesterday he took care of some chores/projects/errands and today he was up before me to go fishing with a neighbor. He was tired when got home, but after nap on couch, he is now watching TV. I compared today with a month ago, and can sincerely say my husband is better. He went fishing with same neighbor last month, and when returned was exhausted. Every day is different, and we are starting to accept the fact that his condition can change radically at any time. He was diagnosed 3/8/2000 with Stage IV Lung Cancer in lower right lobe. It had spread thru entire right lung, lining, liver, and spine from Dec-Jan 2001. While we pray that God will intercede with a miracle, we continue to do what God's medical helpers here on earth advise. God Bless. Elaine

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