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I'm sorry your husband is not feeling so good these days. I guess it's the way of this disease. We have our ups and downs, mostly downs. My husband just got home from having Chemo. Terry is 58 years old. I feel guilty because I can't stay home and take care of him, as I have to work in order to have medical coverage for him.

I just called him at home and he told me he was very nauseaus. He hadn't had Chemo the last two weeks because his blood cell count was very low. However, it picked up sufficiently for the Dr. to agree to give him Chemo this week. Sometimes I feel so defeated. The Chemo takes so much out of him, and we haven't had one remission yet.

It seems to me that they are experimenting with our loved ones. I'm sorry for ranting, it's just good to correspondent with someone who can relate.

Take care of yourself and Good Luck


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