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Contact me any time you want. I do know how you feel. However, I am very lucky because my company decided to downsize and I retired at the end of the year after 30 years with my company & luckily Steve turned 65 last November & went on Medicare so he is covered for most everything - thank the good lord!

All his children are grown with families of their own in the Seattle area, so we are alone in Orange County California. But, it's a great family & they have been visiting a great deal these past few months. We have a lot of prayers going for us, I just wish they would work & make him a lot stronger. We are both afraid he is going down hill fast. Too many things are happening in the negative. But, we keep on being practical & holding out hope for that Miracle!

Steve had chemo from 1/00 to 11/00 and quit because he reacted badly to it & it was not doing him any good. I have tried several herbal & alternative therapies, but nothing has worked the miracle we need. His non-small cell lung cancer started in the right lung lining & last cat scan showed it was spreading into the casing around the lung. That was a couple of months ago & has probably spread further because he gets pains in several different areas. By the way, we are working with hospice for pain medication, hospital bed, oxygen, etc. You might look into hospice to see if they can help your husband become more comfortable, etc. Medicare pays for Steve, but maybe your insurance would pay for your husband. Worth a try!

Got to go - keep in touch & best wishes for complete success for you both!

Sue H.

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