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Re: Overeating

Originally Posted by LS289
I definitely overate today and I'm feeling awful about it. The part that is bothering me the most is tonight. I got home from being out at around 12:30am. I decided to have a couple of pieces of dried mango. Then I went for the dried strawberries (VERY sweet) and then attacked my honey toasted cashews! I ate wayyyyy too much food for this late at night, and it was all very high calorie. Now I feel terrible and am wondering if I need to compensate for it tomorrow. Ugh...Why do I do these things? Why couldn't I have just come home and gone to bed???
Please help me to feel better about this screw up....
What? Strawberries and mangos? They aren't high in calories are they? And did you have cashews earlier in the day too? IF you did or didn't that don't sound like a lot. Many dieters would be EXTACTIC if that's all they did to slip up cause most people eat WAY worse than that like cookies and cakes. I thought you were trying to gain weight.