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Re: Can decongestants dry you out and cause more harm?

Also, saline solution is great and very inexpensive. My husband starts using saline spray when he feels the beginnings of a cold, and he usually nips it in the bud! I think partly it helps flush out bacteria to prevent the really bad stuff from accumulating.
If I have a sore throat or headache/sinus pressure I will take a decongestant for pain relief. I learned my sore throats were coming fromthe drainage, so this is when I am most apt to add Actifed to the saline.
But remember, they just ease symptons, they don't cure you, as such. And too much use has given me monster headaches from overdry sinus cavitys.
Remember also the benfits of water and tea....fluid intake...steamy baths...and vaporizers IF they are well cleaned.