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Smile Re: How to lose some weight?

More than a year ago, I dropped my weight from about 84 kilos to 68 and have maintained it there within 2 kilos ever since (I am a 58 year old male and 186 cm tall).

I did exercise regularly, but that is not the key to my weight loss. The essential thing for me was to eat at fixed times - 6-12-6 - and to avoid eating between meals. I also make sure that I know how much I'm going to eat before I start and then take my time doing it. Typically, I have a glass of wine with dinner and take about 30 minutes to eat it. Other than that, I don't pay particular attention to the types of food which I eat although I try load up on carbs and reduce protein.

Set realistic goals and be gentle on yourself. Your body knows when its time to stop eating. Just take your time and listen.

Regards, Stan