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Angry I am to the point of furious now!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

Ok... I am to the point of furious... I have past aggravated... upset... mad.... I am just completely furious with all the garbage I am dealing with, with MetLife... My Neurologist wrote his letter to MetLife... basically did a IME ( Independent Medical Examination) on me... and wrote that he disagreed with the Occupational Medicine Doctor that MetLife had chosen to send me to.... My Neuro wrote in his letter that he infact did NOT think I could do a 8 hr. sit down job, nor any type of work at this moment and time..... blah blah blah...... but the thing that has totally P***** me off now is the very last sentence on his letter says..........."My suggestion to MetLife would be to obtain another independent Medical Examination." and I told him he did not have to include that... all they wanted to know was did he agree with the Occupational Med Doc. that did my last exam or not.........I also told him I had already had other IME's...... for pete sakes.. this is the 4th doctor I have gone to for there Independent Medical Examinations.. have had (3) say I can NOT WORK... and (1) say he feels I CAN WORK....for the love of *** I am so tired of being Examined to death.... and all this because they are trying not to have to pay me while I can not work....OH! I am so fed up!! I know since he put that in his letter MetLife if going to jump right on it, and want to send me for another IME! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

Sorry to rant and rave, but I am to the end of my rope here....and completely at a loss...

Thanks Ya'll for being here to vent to..

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