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Unhappy Dealing With Workers Comp..Need Advice

For those who have rread some of my posts you know that right now I am dealing with a HUGE amount of pain and new symptoms that are at the very least agrravating. Today I received the breakdown for the low-ball offer of settlement from Workers Comp. I won't say the amount beacuse I am told that is a no-no but I used to make more than that in a year working!!

I have an attorney so I called him right away.. my question is this.. He said that the settlement is based on the fact that the premiums fro my ex employer ran out in 2004 and if I do not take this discusting. insulting amount they will not be aobligated to ever offer me another settlement again.

This is the first time I have ever dealt with w/c so I don't undestand what the heck he is talking about. I want my medical and perscriptions to be covered because my regular insurance (WELFARE) will not be able to cover the type of care that I need.

It is my ex-employer and w/c fault that I am on WELFARE because I have never gotten any payments in 5 years even though I am listed as Temporary Total and have not been released to work!

My children have not figured out how to survive on just air so I had to do something!!! I even got a part time job for the eight month trial period that my doctor wanted me to work to see if I could handle a job!!

I did everything they asked, went to every IME, jumped through every flaming hoop and basically they are telling me to get lost.

I have herniated discs l3-l5/s1 and have major depressive disorder. When theis stupid settlement stuff started they quit paying my psychologist so I cannot see the one person I REALLY NEED right now.

Sorry I an ranting but I am so frustrated and don't understand half of what the lawyer was saying about the deadline for my ex-employers premiums and all that stuff and that really makes me feel powerless.

All this and the new stuff too. Went to the ER. They found a UTI that I did not have symptoms for that was really bad. They also are referring my to a new NS and ortho and a PM doc but it will be a few weeks before I know if they will see me. So in the mean time I am maxing my meds and holding on by a thread.

Anyone with any advice, I would surely love to hear from you.

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