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Re: Trans fat question...

Originally Posted by Heidi_B

In my efforts to reduce my cholesterol, I have had to try to teach myself about the ingredients in processed food. There is a lot to take in, but one thing still confuses me: How can some products advertise themselves as been free of trans fat, when the ingredient list still contains hydrogenated oils and/or vegetable shortening?

I thought those things were identical?

Thanks for any help!

I had the same question which led me to call the company and they said that the FDA had passed a law so the manufacturers were permitted to put "0 trans fats" on their products if there was .5g of hydrogenated oils or less. Plus I also read it on the internet when I was doing research about how bad hydrogenated oils are. I look back and can't believe how many products I was buying and eating that had trans fats. It's supposively like putting candle wax in the arteries, yuk!

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