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Re: Trans fat question...

Originally Posted by Losec20mg
Candle wax.?? omg/..heheh too kool ..I made rice with beans, Jess..LOL
Do you eat rice and beans often, or did I remind you of them from yesterday? Have you tried Amy's organic enchiladas with beans, vegetables, and rice yet? It's to die for and it's GLUTEN FREE!!
Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I bought these waffles today made of brown rice flower....their called "Vans" all natural and it says wheat free on the front with apple cinnamon. I tried one and I definitely like them better than the buckwheat kind. Although, to be honest, the wheat ones taste better but like I said, I read about the "No Grain DIet" book a while ago when coming across Mercola's website and was quite suprised about how wheat products can cause problems. Plus you informed me and that tiped the iceberg. Here I go again going off the subject of the original post, LOL.

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