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Re: Can I get better? A diary of C4-6 problems Waiting for an answer

Chapter 3. You need an MRI
Two days pass, I stay in a stupor. Finally I see my internist. She isn't there, her colleague sees me. What are your symptoms, he asks? I tell him how my chest had been hurting and how things had transpired over the weeks.
1. Pain in right chest squeezing
2. Pain in my shoulder blade like a knife is repeatedly and constantly being stabbled in me.
4. Pain in my entire right arm.
My armpit hurts
A severe burning at the top of my forearm, having to ice it constantly
My wrist is on fire
Top top of my hand
Down to my middle finger, where it is numb
"Hmmm" he says. Sounds like you have "RADICULAR PAIN" He decides he feels I have a pinched nerve in my c-spine. He actually tells me he thinks it is C5. You must have xray and MRI.

Chapter 4. It's Confirmed
Condensed version
Patient has congenitally narrow spine. At the C3-4 level there is moderate posterior disc osteophyte formation, especially in the paracentral region. Superimposted on the narrowed spinal canal results in moderate stenosis.
At the C4-5 level, there is broad based, posterior disc osteophyte formation, with left neural foraminal stenosis. A moderate central disc bulge is present, with a herniation and fragment. At the C5-6 level there is broad based posterior disc osteophyte formation, resulting in moderate spinal stenosis, with moderate Spondylolisthesis.

The doctor tells me I must see an ortho or neuro immediately. Phone calls are made and the next day I am seen.