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Hi, Mary. Yeah, Danny is home and we have a hospital bed in the living room and I can barely go in there without crying. I miss him so much already. He sleeps all the time and yesterday we went to see the Dr. The trip wore him out. He slept for hours and I gave him extra morphine to help us both rest.
He had two Gemzar treatments and then the Dr. said it wasn't working and why put him through it for nothing. We took his advice and got Hospice involved. I feel so darn disgusted with my self because I told them I wanted him here but I wanted him moved when the end was near so he doesn't die in my house. I would never be able to stay here knowing he died here. I know it's a stupid thing but that's the way I feel.
He hasn't eaten since the Dr. told him the tumor won't stop growing and I think he has given up. My cat gave up and I found him sleeping in the litter box. What the two have to do with each other, I don't know...
I'm sorry, I'm rambling on.
I hope to God that your husband keeps doing well, Danny never had a remission.
Someone old me that the Bible says man is promised 65 years and Danny should demand his.