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you could try alternatives that are not reliant on caffeine in any way, 100mg of caffeine seems pretty high (its over the amount in two cups of tea and nearly that of two cups of coffee). the amount won't get you addicted, but there are better alternatives, without the side effects associated with caffeine: try ginseng by its self, 500mg a day; b-vits, 50mg twice a day; vit C, 500mg twice a day; cod liver oil, 1000mg capsules twice a a day; amino acid supplement (lysine, phennylaline and glutamic acid in particular); brewers yeast, mixed with raw veg juice, once a day; acidophilus powder, mixed with the raw juice; dolomite (calcium and magnesium); liquid iron supplement; zinc supplment.

eat a diet rich in the above nutrients: whole grains, veg, meat (also good source of amino acids), pulses etc for vit B; citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, leafy veg, tomatoes, potatoes for vit C; carrots, green and yellow veg, eggs for vit A; oily fish, milk for vit D; live yoghurt for acidohpilus; dairy produce for calcium (also good source of amino acids, b-vits and vits A+D); nuts and seeds for minerals (also good source of amino acids and b-vits).

do this and avoid these: drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (half hour before or after main meals); avoid refined sugar, flour, tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee, soft drinks, processed and fried foods.

make sure you do enough exercise: a relatively small outlay of energy reaps are larger return!

conclusion: exercise, good diet and supplents= ticket to high energy

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