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Re: 5 year old grandson may have aspergers questions please.

Thank you for your reply. He is actually being evaluated today by a private psychiatrist to try to make our way through the system. We have run out of daycares that will take him, and the waiting list through the school system for evaluation and placement is 3 months long. My son will lose his job if he stays home with him much longer, I have to work because my husband is retired. My son is trying to get state help but the proceedure on that of course goes back to having to prove that he is in need of services, proof of income, proof of residency,( he is living with his brother in one county and driving to another to work) two hours one way. The wait is miserably long and my son's wife deserted the family when my grandson became too much to handle by her self. This is another story that belongs in another section I suppose, but of course contributes to the difficulty of finding help in this particular state. Believe me, social services are not consistently helpful throughout the 50 contiguous states and if you are trying to make a living for your family, you are last on the list to get help. If you quit and stay home then you have time to come up with lies and paperwork.