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Taking some new Vitamins, wondering if its too much?

I'm 31 years old and pretty out of shape. I'm 6'5" and weight right under 300LBS...

I have decided that I need to get in a lot better shape if I want to reuce the risk of serious health problems as I get older....

Besides getting a lot more excersise (riding a bike and fast walking) I'm altering my eating habits to try to eat better or more healthy maybe taking some vitamins...

I have noticed a pretty big difference in the way I feel, latley.. I don't feel as run down, I'm in better moods and just have a more energetic feeling.

I'm not sure if this is due to the increased excersise, better eating, the vitimins or the combo of all the above...

On to my point and question (sorry, I tend to ramble).

I have been taking a Multi-Vitamin that comes in a box with a lil package for each day.

In it there are 5 Vitamins,

1 Time released Multi-Vitamin Caplet (Contains 23 Various Nutrients)
1 Vitamin C Caplet (1200 mg)
1 Vitamin E Softgel (900 I.U.)
1 Panax Ginseng Caplet (100 mg)
1 Chromium Picolinate Tablet (425 mcg)

Plus, I was taking
1 Green Tea (315 mg)
1 Chromium Picolinate Tablet ( 500 mcg)

The reason I was taking two or the second tablet was, I did not realize there was Chromium Picolinate in the 5PK...

Now my question is (Finally, I ge to it) am I taking to much Chromium Picolinate??? If so what can happen?

As I said above, the vitiamins, exercise and eating better seem to be helping me, but I don't want to do more harm than good by over doing some vitimains...

Your thoughts???

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