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Re: To those on Opiates & Muscle Relaxers, I have a question

Hiya! What is your dx that renders your taking the Darvacet? You haven't been dx'd with FM? Have you brought it up to your doc, and do you show any of the symptoms of FM? Just wondering.

As for muscle relaxants, there are so many and so many react differently. I take Zanaflex 3mg 3X daily, but it will make you sleepy. Of course you can get a lower dose. Baclofen is another muscle relaxant. Flexeril is another. Soma is another, although pretty strong (but it does nothing for me!)

Having your husband be a massage therapist is such a blessing for you! I'm sure he knows about "deep tissue" massage. That works best for FM. It can hurt for the first couple times, because it gets so deep into our muscle tissue, but it really does work well for FM. You should talk to your doc, if you are showing signs of having FM.

Also, Ultram/Tramadol is a good non-narcotic pain med that a lot of people who have moderate to severe pain like using.

Take a look on the Net. Just do a search on muscle relaxants and once you get past all the sites trying to sell the darn things to you, you can find good info as to what the side effects are, and what kind of muscle pain they work best for. Word of warning. The more you research drugs, the more your junk email box fills up with "buy me" ads. Boy that just yanks my chain. You can't even research meds without be bombarded by drug ads! Let alone the "other" med ads we all seem to get! LOL I'm amazed sometimes at how creative the spammer can be with the wording of the specific med they are trying to get you to click on!

So, I hope this helps you some. Raising children is enough to tighten any one's muscles! It's hard work. And lucky you to have a husband who is a massage therapist. I always say, I would love to have a massage therapist, a carpenter/handyman and a automechanic in the family!

Nice to meet you by the way.