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Re: 5 year old grandson may have aspergers questions please.

My grandson's diet has started to be addressed by the Pediatrician who realizes he has allergies. The psychiatrist saw him the other day and says she does not see all the criteria necessary for Autism or Aspergers either, because he lacks the cardinal signs. There is definitely ADHD and she believes simple schizophrenia. She has prescribed Straterra and Respirdal. He took one dose the day she prescribed it and one the next morning, he went to his day care that said they would continue to work with him if he got medication, he had a good day. No melt downs, no biting, and appeared more cooperative and interactive with the other children whereas before he would interact with only adults in the immediate family for wants such as food or basic needs. The evaluation of the psychiatrist will also push my son(grandson's father) towards state help a little faster. But, it goes to show that sometimes the fastest answer is not the best because every one who saw him in the past guessed Aspergers, but he does make eye contact, does interact with his father, such as I love you dad, and my son was able to ask him the other night why he bit the other kid and he said it was because the kid made him mad. I think that was a pretty good start on getting him out into the world of accountability for his actions. My son was able to talk to him about it being wrong for him to do. It was a much more simple conversation than it sounds like here, but much, much more hopeful than we first thought since my grandson has had no professional attention before now and a tremendous amount of neglect, and we suspect possible abuse now, when his dad was at work.

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