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Re: To those on Opiates & Muscle Relaxers, I have a question

Originally Posted by caden/logan_mom
Hello everyone--
I have a question. I am getting by without much help at all. I feel like I do have Fibromyalgia but I feel like something else is going on too. I don't have any answers. I'm just trying to take care of myself the best I can. I take Ibruprophen daily which helps a good deal. Occasionally my pain is severe enough to warrant my taking Darvocet which I only take occasionally and as needed. It isn't really strong but it does help me. I have two small children though and there are several times when I would take it but I don't like the side effects and when I'm the one in charge of the kids all day, I don't want to be sleepy or out of it, so I hurt. My husband is a massage therapist and he says that my muscles are frequently rock hard to the touch. I have thought about asking about muscle relaxers for pain when I don't want to take the darvocet. I know however that muscle relaxers have their share of unwanted side effects as well, drowsiness being one of them. I thought I'd ask those of you who take opiates and muscle relaxers what your side effects are like from both drugs and which of the two based one their effects you prefer? Thank you so much for helping me!
hi mb here
i do take muscle relaxers but not all the time because they for me stop working if you take them to much. i have been on flexorel and soma. flexerol is good they last longer then somas. flexerol may make you sleepy but for me if i stay up with them its like it reverses the affect of being sleepy. somes on the other hand if i havent took them in awhile they make me feel like i have had a case of beer. sometime they do and sometimes they dont , really i dont understand that.i dont like take meds i have had some real bad side effects on meds. i will not take anymore anti-d. they do really wierd things to me. my pain meds. dont mix. scared to. hope i have helped. mb