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Re: bags and dark circles under eyes...related to asthma?

Asthma and allergies take a lot out of you and probably are the immediate cause of the bags, but there is something deeper going on with your immune system. I have bags under my eyes, asthma, allergies, extreme hormone fluctuations, insomnia, difficulty maintaining my weight though I exercise and eat right, am prone to tumors and growths, always tired and frequently get sick with the flu or sinus infections. My dr. is convinced it's all connected. I have had tons of blood tests, thyroid tested, no std's or viral infections, etc. We are finally getting to the root of it all, and it really seems like a hormone imbalance is key. However, hormone blood tests on a given day do not always produce results signifying this. I've had to do several saliva tests over the course of a month each time to help figure this out.