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Re: My Journey to Cervical Spine Surgery


Your story is very interesting and promising. I did have a fusion C6/C7 in 1/2003. Since then I now have a bulging disc at C5/C6 pressing the nerve on the right side. This generates pain from my shoulder, bicep to my index finger and thumb. Minimal neck discomfort as of now, pain level is at a 4 or 5, but not consistent, can get relief based on positioning. I actually go for a steroid injection and nerve block this afternoon to see if that helps.

Knowing that any shots are only temporary I have seen a NS who does microscopic surgery here in Atlanta. I also have sent emails to Dr. Schiffer and Dr. Jho. All three will do a microscopic type prodedure and only remove the herniated part of the disc. All three surgeries will require a very small opening (say a half inch).

Through your experience do you have any opinion on which avenue I should choose? Obviously the Altanta NS is local and things can probably happen quicker. He says this is his area of expertise. I also know Dr. Schiffer and Dr. Jho are a much larger scale in terms of performing these procedures.

What's your thoughts, what should I look for or ask? Any help is appreciated.

Hopefully your still doing well from the procedure.