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Re: Which HBP medicine do you think have no big side effect ?

Originally Posted by milosusa
Hi to everybody, This is my first posting, but I em glad I find this board. Guys and girls, my Q. is which HBP medicine is known to have somehow mild side effect . I have basically higher blood pressure close to 140/90 all my adult life, 48 now, but now I em getting reading like 150/100 and my doctor set, is a time for medicine.

First piece of advice... Monitor your BP at home. Go to Walmart and invest about $50. You need to know what your BP is the other 99.9% of your life vs. the time you spend in the dr's office. This is now recommended by the American Heart Association. See:

Originally Posted by milosusa
She give me the metoprolol, but I don't like a side effects, tired, legs pain and I don't even want to talk about what this do to the sexual life. She said it will be better later on, but who knows.
I already don't like your doctor. This is BS. I think you might need a new doctor. Insist on something else. You shouldn't have to put up with side-effects.
Originally Posted by milosusa
And this bring me to my Q. is any medicine for HBP better from side effect point. I find on web side for Diovan, Lotrel and couple other from a ACE inhibitors group that they claim to have very low side effect, but is that really the truth ? Up front I thanks to everybody for every response I will get.
Well, Lotrel is an ACEI combined with a CCB (Norvasc). This should not be used for starters. I don't think you really want Lotrel. ACEI (linsinopril is the most common) have a low-side effect profile IF you can tolerate them. Cough is very common. Angioedema, while less common, can be a very serious side-effect. ARB's are far and away the best class as far as side-effects are concerned. In fact, in most trials, there is little difference between an ARB and a placebo.