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Re: Which HBP medicine do you think have no big side effect ?

I have tried lisinopril for many yrs and it was not the best bp med for me. I've also taken verapamil (still on it), toprol xl which was the worst of all, many diuretics (they can cause glucose & cholesterol to rise) and avapro.

So far, im taking clonidine for about two wks now and the only side effect is sleepiness. I don't mind the sleepiness bcuz for many yrs due to side effect of the others i suffered insomnia.
We're all different and react differently to these bp meds. Like i was told when i joined this board, it is a trial and error thing. Alot of ppl use the arbs, but it was not for me. It caused the same side effects that the acei did.
Good luck in your search.