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New, my HBP story with lots of Questions


I was diagnosed with HBP 3 weeks ago after a trip to the ER with a BP of 212/134 and a heart rate of 130. I have no previous history of HBP. I was at the oral surgeon a few days before going to the ER and I thought I was feeling bad from the surgery and had no idea how high my BP was. I'm female, 44 and not overweight but do smoke about a pack a day. It took 2 doses of clonidine and a shot of ativan to get my BP down to normal at the ER. The ER put a clonidine patch on me, told me to follow up with my doc and sent me home.
My doctor ran a brief EKG which was normal. He scheduled me for some sort of test called echo-stress but I don't go till March 1st. He kept me on the clonidine.....I take a .1 split in half morning and evening but I really don't like the way it makes me feel....I've been extremely anxious since this whole thing started. I had panic attacks 10 years ago and was put on Paxil which worked like a charm until the BHP thing started. The doctor thinks my anxiety level is driving my BP up and he increased my Paxil by 10mg to see if that helps. He also wants me to start cutting back on the clonidine and make a log of my BP. I go back in a month unless I have problems.
I got a BP monitor and get close to normal readings between 115 to 130 over 70 to 95 but occasionally get 130ish to 100ish. At winn dixie today I got a reading of 151/91 after having a BP at the doctor of 120/80.
I hope some of ya'll with HBP experience can help answer some questions.
Can HBP come on suddenly like mine did?
Can the clonidine cause a person to feel anxious and does anxiety raise BP to over 200/100?
What is the best way to take it OK to just sit down and take it or should I always sit quietly for a few minutes before checking?
What are the normal BP fluctuations that happen during the day?
Thanks so much to anyone who replies!

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