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Re: Strep Vaginosis

This happened to me too. I was taking broad spectrum antibiotics for a severe bout of tonsilitis and I got my first ever yeast infection and it was HORRENDOUS! So uncomfortable, so itchy - the classic symptoms with discharge etc. Horrible.

It may not be an option for you but you could try getting through an infection without the antibiotics. I was only prescribed them for my throat when I went to a private doctor and had an abscess in my throat (beyond normal tonsilitis) - ordinarily a doctor would not give them to me for a throat infection because I have had them since I was a child and been on several courses of antibiotics. The bugs tend to get resistant to the drugs and I found my yeast infection to be almost as bad as the throat infection. Certainly if I had a minor throat infection I would not touch antibiotics even if they made me better more quickly as I don't want the yeast again!