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Re: Can decongestants dry you out and cause more harm?

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that my experience with Vicks personal steam has been pretty good. Just keep it clean and the vaporizer. Also, my ENT said to use a little Bacitracin in each nostril. I am allergic to a lot of antibiotics and he said this way you get a little antibiotic in your system as well as healing the sinuses. I found that did wonders for me although if your sinuses are very plugged to begin with it may make you feel more stuffed up at first. However, I found out that you can become allergic to Bacitracin if used too much so be careful. Since I found that out I haven't used it in my nose as i am allergic to Neosporin and if I need an antibiotic ointment on a cut or something there is nothing else besides the Bacitracin. Just a thought.