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Re: How to get an acurate average of bp's?

If your home readings are accurate, it sure does seem like you have classic white coat!

Given that you would like to monitor more frequently (at least for now),
Try 3 times a day. Same time(s) each day. Always wait at least a 1/2 hour before or after food, smoking or exercise.

When you take a reading, make sure your arm is supported on a table, (limp and relaxed) cuff at heart level, feet on floor, back supported. Don't even cross your can elevate your BP.

At each "session" take three readings 2-3 minutes apart. (It's simpler to always use the same arm, since BP can be different in each arm, so pick one and stick to it.)
Throw out the first reading (it is invariably higher than the subsequent 2, probably because of the initial anxiety of just having to be DOING this!) then average the 2nd and 3rd readings. Write it down, noting of course, the time of day.

Keep a log for a week or two and you'll probably see a pattern.

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