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Re: How to get an acurate average of bp's?

Originally Posted by zuzu8
At each "session" take three readings 2-3 minutes apart. (It's simpler to always use the same arm, since BP can be different in each arm, so pick one and stick to it.)
Throw out the first reading (it is invariably higher than the subsequent 2, probably because of the initial anxiety of just having to be DOING this!) then average the 2nd and 3rd readings. Write it down, noting of course, the time of day.
To me this seems time consuming. And, I wouldn't trust any of the readings except for the first (which you are throwing away ). If you want to take another reading within 5 minutes, you should use the other arm. IMHO, you should just make sure you've been sitting for a few minutes and relatively relaxed, take a reading, log it, and move on. This whole process of a "session" seems rather obsessive.