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Re: Cold sores all over face

backpacker is right, this may not be herpes. It could be a very serious herpes OB caused by stress or you could be seeing some other kind of skin problem which the herpes is possibly exacerbating. A friend of mine was in an accident as a child and suffered a serious cut below her nose, and a HSV1 outbreak appeared at the same point as the cut. HSV can appear in conjunction with other things and seems to like appearing on broken skin. I myself split my lip in an accident and a HSV1 outbreak occurred on the split lip. It was not stitched at the time (probably should have been) and kept splitting and I got recurrent HSV1 outbreaks on the split lip each time it reappeared.

If you are concerned about spreading the outbreak, you should know that soap and water readily deactivates herpes. Also, as you have an established herpes infection, the chances of you reinfecting yourself with the same type of herpes elsewhere are pretty low (according to the experts), particularly as the level of virus you get on you hand will be lower than that from direct contact with the sores. However, there are a few steps you can take to be a bit safer and put your mind at rest:

1. Wash your hands before and after touching your face (to avoid making the face problems worse and transmitting the infection elsewhere).

2. If possible, take baths rather than showers. Don't touch your face whilst in the bath and wash it separately after you are dressed again.

3. Make sure you have separate towels for your face and genital areas. Herpes has been cultivated from a warm, damp towel, and can survive on towels for a short time.

I have not heard of a non-initial outbreak as serious and widespread as yours although 1. I have heard of initial OBs which have been very serious and wide-ranging and caused health problems 2. my mother has had six cold sores on her mouth and below her nose at the same time before now, when she was not particularly well (although far from seriously ill).

Hope it clears up for you.

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