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Re: Cold sores all over face

I feel like an idiot.. it is most likely impetigo. It could be spurred on my HSV1 but I think it's straightup impetigo. Thanks ever so much ... you can't believe what a relief it is to be fairly sure I don't have a monster case of HSV1 outbreak.

I still have the virus, but it hasn't shown it's ugly head for quite a while. I still am concerned about HSV1 and particularly spreading it to the genital area but now I am reasonably sure that my problem is bacterial and not viral. I was reading that impetigo can sprout up due to stress and even as a side-infection to something as common as ezcema. I have a small patch of ezcema on my right knuckles, I am constantly wearing gloves so this matches up even more to my affliction.

Thanks all for your help.