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HElp, Smell on gums Under Root Canal/Capped Tooth any advice?

Hello, I need advice

First of all I had a root canal and a crown put it afterwards about 2 years ago, and for the past year or so, I have noticed tehre is a little space between the crown and the gums, I guess they did not glue it close enough to the gumline.

anyway everytime i floss the top of the tooth between the gum/crown, i smell a rotten odor, I brush and floss and use mouthwashes to get rid of the odor in that tooth, and nothing gets rid of it, I am thinking that maybe teh crown can be removed and the root canal can be cleaned? also i know for a fact that I have gingivitis, because my gums are red and swollen and bleed easily. can this tooth have gotten infected even if there is a crown there, I guess with that opening between the gum/crown maybe stuff goes in there, and it could cause an infection? let me know what you guys think can be done thanks

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