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Re: HElp, Smell on gums Under Root Canal/Capped Tooth any advice?

I had a similar experience years ago, where I noticed an odor at the gumline (if I just rubbed my finger along it) of a root-canaled/crowned molar.

Sure enough tooth under the crown had cracked and there was infection. After they pulled off the (EXPENSIVE crown) and cleaned everything out, there was insufficicient tooth structure left for a new crown. So I had to go thru a procedure called crown lengthening, where a periodontist did some gum surgery to lengthen the stub of the tooth so that there was enough of a tooth to re-crown.

If you have gingivitis though, that may be the culprit.. and the odor you are getting is not necessarily coming from the crowned tooth at all. Is the crown loose by any chance?

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