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Re: HElp, Smell on gums Under Root Canal/Capped Tooth any advice?

Hi and thx for your response

That is exactly whats going on with me, I rub my finger between teh gum/crown and I have a bad odor, I dont have this odor on any of my other teeth, I think I must have gingivitis, but that horrible odor only comes from there, its a putrid odor, anyway what procedure did you have done? I dont have insurance so I want to know what procedure it is so i could get prices, I am sure that must be whats going on, I must have an infection, and No the tooth is not loose at all, its just that opening in between the gum/crown causing this problem, maybe if the dentist woudl have out it tighter together, maybe this wouldn't have happened, also did a regular dentist do the work(cleaning) let me know and thx so very much for your help