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Exercise and Ace Inhibitors

I recently was prescribed enalapril for what I guess I would call moderate hypertension. I'm an active 50 year old male who runs and bicycles and isn't over weight.

My BP had been getting into the 150/90 range, but often in the summer time when I am most active I could get readings down around 140/80.

Anyway, I searched the Net for info about exercise and ACE inhibitors but can only find info about studies involving congestive heart failure.

What I'd like to discuss is the timing and dosing of ACE inhibitors regarding patients that perform intense exercise. My doctor says, just take 5mg a day no matter when or with what, as long as you take it. My reading has mentioned that you should at least drink a glass a water with a tablet.

I've been taking 5mg for several weeks, and I tried it in the morning and at bed time. My morning runs have not been affected, nor have I noticed anything different about evening workouts.

Most of the my home BP readings have come down to an average of 140/80. No more 150s at all - and a few ~135s....... Should I just shut up and be happy I'm not any worse off? Is this a normal and healthy result for 5mg enalapril?

Thank You.

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