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Re: Exercise and Ace Inhibitors

An average systolic BP of 140 or under is considered normal. If you don't smoke or have any under conditions like high cholesterol or diabetes than 140 or below is probably great. The new "optimal" guideline of under 120, I think, is more of an exaggeration created to motivate (intimidate) people who are inactive, diabetic, overweight, and heavy smokers to do something about their BP.
Most studies that show increased risk of heart disease and other complications with BPs over 120 are statistical correlation studies. And remember that correlation does not imply causation. So if I say that having SBP over 120 increases your risk of heart disease by 30%, that is only a probability statement, not a statement that SBP over 120 contributes to heart disease. On the other hand, if the correlation is high, which I think it is with an averge of 140 or over, then the liklihood that one thing causes the other is much higher.

Cold weather has been said to increase BP in some people. I have no idea about hot weather. Watch out for dehydration though. In any case, as long as you can run ok, you probably shouldn't worry about your medicine or your BP.