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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your replies.

The reason I posted this topic is (mainly) due to my INCONSIDERATE flatmate.

I'm an insomaniac & lite sleeper as well. I've asked her nicely, pleaded with her, talked with the flat assistant to no success. She still KA-BOOMS her door. When will SHE learn tat there are pple who can't fall asleep as easily as she does??? 'cos I got woken up AGAIN at 7.30am, when I don't need to get up so early.

I fear for myself & her too. I've put up with this for over 6 months & sooner or later (me thinks sooner) tat one will see the headline "woman strangles flatmate in anger".

Anger makes pple do weird things, though it doesn't mean tat one can plead anger as the sole/main cause for their actions. One has to take responsibility.

I'm boiling with anger inside rite now.