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I too get very angry! This has only happened fairly recently since I have been in a [loving and stable] long term relationship, but I find myself doing crazy stuff I never would have usually.
I used to laid back, cool, quiet and not bothered by little things, maybe I cryed instead, I odnt know, but now I just explode!
I got seperated from my friends at a festival a few months ago, and walked round for three hours trying to find them, each step getting me more wound up that they wouldnt go the meeting place, and were dumb, and I WAS bored and cold and tired, then it started raining, I missed like 3 bands I wanted to see....
I found them finally,but stayed calm because I knew otherwise my boyfriend would go all angry like he has been doing recently. I hugged him, against my will.
He grunted something about forgetting something which ****** me off and I just screamed this horrible noise that I was going to kill someone.
Everyone looked round at me but I dint care, because I had slowly beeen getting more and more wound up over the hours of being alone.
why did i explode though?
i would NEVER have done this before.
it embaresses me now to think of things like this, especially as it was in front of some new friends.
I get so wound up over little things and end up making a tit of myself, and need some way to control this.
Taking a little walk obvously does not help.
O dear.