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Re: confused....herpes or not?

1. If you have genital herpes, it is probably HSV2, although it could be HSV1. If it is HSV2 this will explain why you don't have the sores on your mouth. HSV1 is primarily an oral disease though is increasingly found genitally. On the other hand, HSV2 is almost always a genital disease. Though it does sometimes appear on the mouth, this is quite rare (there would probably also only be one OB in this case).

2. If you wait 3-4 months after the sexual contact you think gave you herpes, you can get a herpes blood test. If you get a type-specific one, it will tell you whether you have HSV1 or HSV2. If you test positive for HSV2, you can be pretty confident that you have genital herpes for the reasons given in 1. Quite a lot of people will test positive for HSV1; this could indicate an oral or genital HSV1 infection - quite a bit more likely to be oral, though could be genital.

Good luck!