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Re: Please Help Is This Ptsd

It does not sound like PTSD.

The mind can be a powerful asset, but when your thinking becomes non-resourceful, you need to change it. Whether you are compulsive in cleaning, hoarding, checking, counting or obsessed with religion, sex, people or any other subject, it begins with your thoughts and emotions. Your mind will continue doing what it knows how to do, until the pattern is broken and a new one established.

The Designed Thinking approach utilizes the resources you already have with in you to stop the flow of unwanted information. Change your beliefs, rework unresourceful strategies and release unresolved emotions.

It has been said; "Either you've found something that works , or you continue to not get what you want." If you've found yourself frustrated because you don't understand how or why you're thoughts are stuck where they are at, you might even have become skeptical in how you can overcome these repetitive cycles.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't change your thoughts. You can.

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