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Scalp Problem

Please this has been bothering me alot latley.. Im a tad bit worried its lice, but i seem not to see ANYTHING in my hair. let me tell you wuts wrong, when i eat hott food, or if I am active during sports or activity, my scalp beings to itch, almost like a burning feeling. it occurs all over my head/scalp area. as i let go of the hott food, or stop continuing activity, this goes away. im a little concerned if its lice because thats a bit embaressing. most ppl consider it bad hygiene, and i am a clean kid. idk, ive used peroxide for my hair at a point, im not sure if i did it when it started to get itchy, before, or after. but ive pored bottles of peroxide ontop of my head drenching the the whole top part of my scalp. mayb it did some kind of staining and when my pores open up to sweat it irritates my pores? or maybe its lice.. im scared, does anybody kno wuts possibly wrong?

btw i dont see anything in my hair even when i comb thru it

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