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Yes, this is what it does to me. I get all hyped up then irratable. Then I can't sleep. I take one the next day and I'm wired. Don't like the feeling. Maybe if I cut this down to 115mgs. What fooled me is when I took it the first day I feel nothing. Then after taking this after a couple of day's I start to feel agatated and all hyped up. Then I can't sleep. I kept thinking this was caused by something else but when I stopped taking the coenzine I felt better. When I would go out on Saturday night and have a couple of drinks I would get headaches but when I stopped taking the coq10 I didn't get the headache's with the alcohol. I don't think the coq10 mixes with alcohol. I never heard anything about not drinking with it so I did't put 2&2 together. I need to hear some more negative experences with coq10 because my friend takes this and swears up and down the coq10 is great and does not cause these problems. She says she never heard anyone complain of these problems with coq10 and she knows lots of people that take it.