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Twisten...checking in to let ya know...

I figured I would start another thread to let ya know since you were nice enough to ask if all is ok. I have been working a lot lately and so have not been able to get on the boards much and also just lost my grandmother, so a lot has been happening! I have been having a terrible time with my back lately and don;t know what is going on. My CP problem has always been chronic pelvic pain due to adhesions and endometriosis, but my lower left back area is so bad lately i think I will have to go for an MRI. Do you have any idea what a disc problem feels like(sorry can't remember everyones CP difficulties!)? It hurts so heating pad is getting a work hurts all the time and especially if I turn or move the "wrong" way. It is also starting to hurt down my left butt area. It seemed to get better for a little bit and now it's worse than ever. This has been going on for about 4-5 mos. This morning I could hardly move until my meds kicked in. I see my PM Dr. on the 10th and will ask him to order an MRI, cuz I really feel this is NOT a muscle. are you doing? Sorry I have not been around too much but I really do still care about each and every one of you!!! Oh, and it also hurts to sit...kinda radiates up the spine but not all the way up....take care, and please post back! Thanks for asking about me! Love, Surg

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