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Re: My vicoden detox...

Originally Posted by dwp512
Glad you made it through! I too am a climber and live, well...close to mountains (Boulder). My habit is now down to 1 norco per day, tapered from 3 per day a few months ago. I hope it is as you said and is proportionally easier to withdraw from....with will have to wait another week or so due to work committments. The taper's not fun either, but sounds easier than your ct. Good to have you here..stick around, you're story will be an inspiration for people including me. I'm trying to excercise to lose the deporession that has been sitting on my shoulder the last few days. Can't sleep much either.
You'll do fine. I was really shocked at how difficult this was. My wife was traveling for five days and I really thought I'd be clean when she came back. WRONG. I've jumped cold turkey off 3/day in the past and it was much, much, much easier.

Thank you for the welcome. I live in Breck.