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Re: psoriasis/excema

Originally Posted by patinz
Has anyone tried a product called "skin zinc"? If so, did it help with the problem of psoriasis or excema? My son has either one or the other, and he's done enough stuff with steroids, so I'm looking for something that can help the itchiness and dryness of this awful condition.
Morning/skin-zinc has worked for me in the past.I needed something stronger.They aslo have a spray out called Zinc Therapy Spray that has helped with some of the itch.There is also Derma Zinc that I 'am using now.This comes in medicated strength and regular/spary that is non greasy.Over the years some products work for a while then our skin just does not retact to the medication.Also one final word/find a moisture cream that helps and is easy to asborb.Try the St.Ives 24 hour Moisture I use this cream on the off days of using the clobetasol.Good Luck.