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Originally posted by HerBigGuy:
My wife has chronic pain from a TMJ injury and then developed cervical dystonia.

She is on a long list of pain and anti-spasmatic meds just to maintain her sanity. When she takes her needed meds, it makes her tired and weak. With our 4 children, much of the daily load falls to me. As I work full time and I am treated for depression, life for me can get pretty weird sometimes.

I really just want to talk with others who are dealing with similar issues in their life.

Hi Big guy:

I totally understand what your going thru. My husband is disabled because he had 2 discs in his back removed and he has severe siatic nerve damage. They have him on so many meds he can't remember anything and some days he can't even get out of bed. He is constanly in pain. I work full time and do everything here at home from bills to cleaning and everything in between. That leaves no time for me. I have tried to find a local support group but no luck so far. Some days I feel like I'm losing myself and I should just run away....but I love him... What makes it even harder is that I don't drive. guess i should seriously consider it now. I don't know if this will help but sometimes I stay up all night just for the quietness and time to plan how to conquer the coming weeks or to just plain empty my mind. How do you release your stress or frustrations?

sincerely, Pepsi