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Smile Re: My vicoden detox...

Mtclimber -

Thank you so much for taking the time to describe your day-to-day CT withdrawal. I was unable to face that. (Am on Subutex now for oxy addiction.) The "medal" you should be awarded for doing all that on your own must certainly top any other sports medals won in your life! I'd give you the Gold!! :-)

I often wonder if any scientific tests have been done comparing the physiological and mental state of addicts and just how it influences their choice of how best to get off drugs. We're all going for the same goal--but in so many varying ways. Our own bodies and our "head" states produce so many differences amongst us all. Anyway! You are doing great! Welcome to the Board. :-)

I'm jealous mt.climber and DWP that you live in Colorado. I'm a skier in NYC, who breaks out of city jail once a year, to ski out West! :-) Years ago, when I lived in England, I did a lot of hiking and scrambling up mts in N. Wales and The Lakes District. I miss it! I now make-do by collecting antique and modern Himalayan climbing and expedition books--but "bivoacs"....are strictly in my dreams! LOLOL!!

Congratulations, again, on your success.....and if the "cravings" start in....just come back here on the Board! best, Lynn

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